how to improvise on the violin for beginners - lesson 2 the blues scale - Violin Lesson

In my first improvisation lesson, I showed you how to play a simple improvisation with 1-3 notes.

Today, you are going to expand our “vocabulary” so that you have more notes to choose from than only 3!

We’re doing so by learning one of the most fundamental scales in improvisation: the blues scale.

The fun thing about the blues scale is, that if you learn it, you can quickly and easily play a fun improvisation on the violin that will actually sound good!

But first, we need to learn all the notes of the blues scale.

You can download the sheet music of the blues scale over here:

As we’re normally improvising without sheet music, you can strive for learning the entire blues scale by heart!

You might want to start with memorizing the notes on only 1 string, improvising with them, and then moving on to memorizing the notes on the next string to slowly learn the entire scale by heart.

After you’ve learned the blues scale by heart, choose a few notes of the scale and create an improvisation with those notes by playing along with the backing track linked below.

As soon as you feel comfortable with one set of notes, you can add a few more.

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