Master Pachelbel's Canon in D in Only 6 Lessons Even If You Are An Adult Beginner!

A Step-by-step plan to learn Canon in D faster and more effectively with simple and fun lessons tailored to adult starters.

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Did you know that many adult violinists NEVER get to learn any of the iconic violin pieces, like Canon in D? 😱

They just keep getting trapped in a cycle of scales, technical exercises, and, worst of all…

… the monotonous repetition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” 😐😐

Even worse: most new players give up before they ever get the chance to play any piece they love. 😞

…somewhere along the way, they reach the conclusion that they must “lack the talent”…

…that playing classical music is reserved for those from privileged backgrounds…

…for those whose music lessons have been funded by their parents since they were six…

I am here to tell you: this is not true!
Violin playing truly is for everyone! 🙌

It’s never too late to get started – no matter what any entitled violin teacher might have told you.

You CAN learn to play beautiful classical pieces that everyone knows and loves… 💖


In this unique 6-Lesson Course Package, you will learn how to play Canon in D beautifully.

In easy, step-by-step lessons, you will be guided through learning every part of the piece.

In the lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to practice the piece well:

1️⃣ What fingerings and bowings to use to ensure the best sound 🖐️

2️⃣ The common mistakes violinists make and what to practice to avoid them 🎯

3️⃣ My number 1 practice technique to master the fast runs 👟

4️⃣ How to practice the piece even if you are playing in 3rd position ⭐

The process of learning will be fun and simple.

You start by watching the instructional video in which I share exactly how to practice a given part.

Then, you will practice with the play-along video until you have mastered that part.

Once you have mastered the first part of the piece, you continue to the next lesson to learn the next part.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to amaze your loved ones… and deliver a beautiful performance of Canon in D with our piano accompaniment.

The structured approach in this course will not only help you learn more effectivelyit’s also incredibly enjoyable!

With each section you master, you’ll feel a sense of achievement… and discover a new part of the piece every day!

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