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Transform your violin playing with Julia as your private teacher

Extraordinary Change

Hiring a private violin teacher is a decision to create extraordinary change in your playing.

Having a Good Friend

Having a private violin teacher is like having a good friend that would tell you exactly what to practice, show you ways to learn the violin most efficiently and that is holding you accountable for doing so.

Learning to the Next Level

Private lessons are for you if you are determined to practice consistently and ready to take your violin learning to the next level.

Become the violinist
you always wanted to be.

Is That You?

Hiring a private violin teacher is a decision to create extraordinary change in your playing, but it isn’t right for everyone.
If you recognize yourself in these things, working with me could be the right thing at the right time for you.

Mission To Learn

You have a mission to learn the violin and want a clear structure in your violin practice. You want to build your technique so all your songs will sound better.

Improve All Your Basic Skills

You want an experienced violin player to show you exactly what to do each day, to improve all your basic skills.

Stuck At The 'Same Level'

You are playing for a while and it feels like you're stuck at the 'same level'. You occasionally learn new songs and new technique, but you long for reliant, consistent progress, so your playing becomes effortlessly. You want to practice in a way where you see your efforts paying off in new skills & confidence.

Fundamentals As Efficiently As Possible

You are just starting out learning to play the violin and want the guidance of an enthusiastic teacher to learn the fundamentals as efficiently as possible with a structured plan.

Finally play your violin with

What You'll Get

Weekly Violin Lessons

The lessons are delivered in video format and custom made for your learning objectives.

Weekly Practice Plan

Each week, you'll get a practice plan in which you can see exactly what to practice on each day.

WhatsApp & E-Mail Support

As a private student of mine, you can ask me questions anytime on WhatsApp or by sending me an email.

How does it work?

Watch this video to see exactly how the program works.

The Advantages of Online Private Lessons


If you're taking lessons with a teacher, you are always expected to show up at the same time every week. With online lessons, you get the possibility to send me videos with your progress wherever & whenever it works best for you. In reply, I will send your lesson videos back to you. You are able to open them and practice with them, if you feel ready. That means, that you are able to access the lesson videos 24/7 across all devices, whenever and wherever you want. You can also download videos for offline use. You also have the advantage of being able to repeat previous lessons.


We've all been there, if you are practicing by yourself one of the biggest reasons for not progressing, is not to practice. When you take online lessons you will get a personalised practice plan that shows you exactly what to practice during the next week. This is will motivate to you to practice and cross the items of the list! After your week of practice you'll send your practice calendar back to me. I will be your cheerleader that congratulates you for every day of practice you made happen.

Consistent Progress

Did you ever feel like you're not seeing that much progress? Especially at home learners can feel like they keep learning 'random things' on YouTube, but feel like they are not seeing consistent progress. After 16 years of playing experience and specialising in teaching adult beginner violinists, I tried a lot of different methods to teach the violin and created my own systematic methods to make sure my students are improving consistently.

Weekly Check Ups

Since, you'll be sending me a video every week, I'll also be able to quickly identify your bad habits and technique mistakes - so you will be able to correct technical mistakes early on. Don't worry, I'll correct you in a kind and loving way.

Cancel Anytime

Unlike when you are taking lessons at most music schools, you don't need to sign a contract for a whole year.  You can cancel your private lessons with me any month.
I want to make sure everyone that takes lessons, does it because they love playing violin instead of a contract! And in my experience, my students enjoy taking violin lessons so much, that they don't have any reason to cancel 😀

STOP! This Program is NOT for you if...

  • You are younger than 16 years old. I specialized in teaching adult beginners, and for these people my teaching methods are most beneficial. If you're still in school, I recommend finding a teacher that teaches children & young adults.
  • You don't want to practice. My program assumes that you want to practice at least 3 days a week.
  • You don't like me ( ). You can check out my YouTube Channel Violinspiration & my website to see if you enjoy my teaching style. If you don't resonate with it, taking lessons with me is not right for you.


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