Private lessons

for Adult Beginners

Make Your Best Progress


Extraordinary Progress

Hiring a private teacher is a decision to create extraordinary progress in your playing. Get challenged to take your practice serious and get deliberate about what you practice. Make consistent progress and reach new heights in your playing!

Daily Support

Taking lessons with a private teacher is like having a good friend that had the same struggles and challenges as you when learning the violin. Having someone that can tell you exactly what to practice and what pitfalls to avoid helps you to learn the violin more efficiently.

Weekly Accountability

A private teacher will help to hold you accountable each week for getting your practice done and keep tackling new challenges. Private lessons are designed to get the best out of your practice, so you will achieve the musical goals you set yourself.

How does it work?

Watch this video to see exactly how the program works.

Get out of your violin rut
and welcome a complete new
experience of learning the violin

Is That You?

Hiring me as your private violin teacher is a decision to create extraordinary change in your playing, but it isn’t right for everyone.
If you recognize yourself in 4 or more of these things, my online private lessons are made for you.

You're an Adult on a Misson to Learn the Violin

You found your passion for violin later in life. You want to take lessons with a teacher that is specialized in helping people like you learn the violin. You want to learn with efficient exercises, that are all custom made for adult learners.

You Want to Improve All Your Basic Skills

You don't just want to learn new songs, but want to build your fundamental technique so all your songs will sound better. You want an experienced violin player to show you exactly what to do on each day, to improve all your basic skills.

You Feel Like You're Stuck At The 'Same Level'

You are playing for a while and it feels like you're stuck at the 'same level'. You occasionally learn new songs and new technique, but you long for reliant, consistent progress, so your playing becomes effortless. You want to practice in a way where you see your efforts paying off in new skills & confidence.

You Want To Learn Efficiently

You have more money than time. You are just starting out learning to play and want to use your practice time as efficiently as possible with a clear, structured plan and regular feedback.

You Want to Take Your Learning to the Next Level

You might have been learning for a while by yourself, but feel ready to take your practice to a new level. You are looking for lessons that motivate you to practice consistently and ready to get a teacher that pushes you to new limits.

You Value Flexibility

You want to choose yourself when to take your lessons. You might have an irregular job or travel regularly. You like the convenience of following your lessons when it suits you best instead of a scheduled appointment with a violin teacher.

There are No Violin Teachers in Your Area

There are no violin teachers living in your area, or you just didn't click with any of the teachers you had before. You enjoy my teaching style and would like to take private lessons with me.

You Like the Convenience of Online Lessons

You like to convenience of practicing at home and studying the violin by yourself. You like the idea of downloadable lessons, that you can rewatch anytime. You prefer to peacefully record videos by yourself instead of having to perform in person in front of a teacher during a scheduled class.

Finally play your violin
with confidence.

What You'll Get

Weekly Violin Lessons

The lessons are delivered in video format and custom made for your learning objectives.

Weekly Practice Plan

Each week, you'll get a personal practice plan in which you can see exactly what to practice on each day.

WhatsApp & E-Mail Support

As a private student of mine, you can ask me questions anytime on WhatsApp or by sending me an email.

What My Students Say About Me...

” Julia helped push me to new limits that I had previously not known I could climb to”
In the time that I studied with Julia she helped push me to new limits that I had previously not known I could climb to. Her young, vibrant and eager personality makes her a wonderfully great teacher that comes up with inventive new ways to help her students learn new songs. I enjoyed the time that I spent with Julia and anyone that has her as a teacher is lucky to have her.
– James van Eperern, USA

“Julia’s teaching style is extremely effective”
I found Julia’s teaching style to be extremely effective. I thought Julia’s aptitude and knowledge about improvisational jazz violin was a privilege to have access to. Her incorporation of various digital media really enhanced my ability to learn both during and after her lesson.
– Brian Hesford, USA

“Her enthusiasm is contagious”
Julia has committed so much time to her students and it shows. As an adult beginner, her lessons are filled with challenges and fun. Julia’s love for music and the violin only echoes in her lessons. Her instruction suits a wide range of learning styles and her enthusiasm is contagious!”
– Carmen-Joy Holloway, Scotland

The Advantages of Online Private Lessons

Maximum Flexibility

If you're taking lessons with a teacher, you are expected to show up at the same time every week. With online lessons, you get the possibility to send me videos with your progress wherever & whenever it works best for you. You are able to access the lesson videos 24/7 across all devices, whenever and wherever you want and repeat older lessons anytime. This allows for maximum flexibility!

Weekly Accountability

My online private lessons are designed to motivate you optimally to practice daily. With your personalized practice plan, you are tracking your practice every single day. I have found this method to be extremely effective in motivating my student to practice. It's fun to cross the items off the list, and even more fun to show your teacher at the end of the week what you accomplished!

Consistent Progress

After 16 years of playing experience and specializing in teaching adult beginner violinists about 3 years ago, I tried a lot of different methods to learn and teach the violin. I created my own systematic methods, with the exercises I found to be most effective for adults. All my students are improving consistently and many are surprised by the amount of progress they are able to make!


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