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Learn Your Favorite Song on the Violin

Want to learn how to play your favorite songs on the violin, with zero knowledge of sheet music? Need a tutorial for a not-so-popular song? Or want to practice a specific song really well for a special occasion?

I will create a tutorial where I’ll explain exactly how to play any song for you.

In that way you can learn your song note by note, visually. The benefit of a customized tutorial is that you repeat the lesson as many times as you want, pause the lesson and even slow the notes down. You could think of it as an extremely patient teacher.

My tutorials are known for simple explanations and straightforward tips.

The difficulty of the song will be tailored to your playing level.

Just send the sheet music of the song you’d like to learn to me and you’ll receive your tutorial within 7 days.

What you’ll get


  • one video with an explanation
  • one video with a slow play-along
  • one video with a fast play-along

Sheet Music

  • project file (.sib or .mscx)
  • unique arrangement based on your level
  • easy finger notation
  • completed sheet music in pdf format
  • midi file to practice with
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Rating :

I have been teaching myself the violin over the past 3 months while quarantined and was able to finally concentrate without distraction though still a novice. I am an accomplished guitarist and wanted to learn the violin because many of the songs I have written would sound ideal played in accompaniment with a guitar. I heard a song years ago called Liange by Anoice and became infatuated with the sound. I also have thoroughly enjoyed Adagio in G Minor with its strong emotional delivery with the violin. To summarize I assigned myself these two pieces for my next violin objective but could not find suitable instructional… Read more »

Thank you for your kind words Gary! I’m glad you have enjoyed the sheet music & tutorials. I’ll be happy to work together again in the future! 😊

Rating :

Julia, thank you so much for my tutorial and music sheet for the song Child of Bliss. I was extremely happy how fast you provided this service for me. Absolute value for money! I would without hesitation, recommend your services.

The song as a beginner is difficult to learn however, your format has made it a little easier to learn.

Thank you so much for providing me with your professionalism.

Kind Regards