Rhythm Cards - violin game - downloadable (PDF) flashcards

Rhythm Cards – Complete Set


With our printable PDF Rhythm Cards, you can practice all the rhythms!

How to play the Rhythm Cards game?
There are many games to play with the rhythm cards. However, this is the most important game we recommend:

Basic game

  1. Start the metronome at 60 BPM
  2. Choose a random rhythm from the cards stack
  3. Try to clap or play the rhythm

If you managed to clap the rhythm, place it to your right. If you weren’t able to, repeat until you can d it correctly. Try to clap or play as many rhythms as possible within a given time frame, e.g. 5 minutes.

Advanced version

You can make this game more difficult by instead of clapping only one rhythm card at a time, choosing several cards from your stack, laying them in a row, and clapping the rhythms behind each other.

👉 Check out other rhythm games you can play with this Rhythm Cards deck over here.

How to decide on which level to play the game?

There are 10 levels of cards:

  • Level 1 – Absolute Beginner
  • Level 2 – Beginner
  • Level 3 – Improver
  • Level 4 – Lower Intermediate
  • Level 5 – Intermediate
  • Level 6 – Upper-Intermediate
  • Level 7 – Pre-Advanced
  • Level 8 – Advanced
  • Level 9 – Very Advanced
  • Level 10 – Expert

To play a rhythm game, pick cards at your current playing level and add all levels that are below. If you want to challenge yourself, add one more level at a time.

Size of all cards: 213 MB.

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