intermediate violin concertos

Looking for an intermediate violin concerto to practice? I get it!

After all, what is learning the classical violin without learning a real violin concerto? Since the baroque era, concerto’s have been the ultimate pieces for any violinist to learn!

If you’re playing a violin concerto for the first time, you want to choose your concerto wisely. Some concerto’s are very difficult, while others are fun to learn as an intermediate player.

For this article, we’ll be diving into the top 10 violin concerto’s for intermediate violinists. From Bach to Seitz, this list will give you everything you need to get started playing.

Violin Concerto’s for Intermediate Players: Top 10

All violin concerto’s on this list are ordered by difficulty. The first concerto’s on this list are the easiest – and written only in first position. The further you will get on this list, the more difficult the violin concerto’s will get. Enjoy!

Lower Intermediate Violin Concerto’s in First Position

1. Kuchler – Violin Concertino in G Major (Opus 11)

If you want to learn your first violin concerto – this is it! The Küchler violin concerto is one of the easiest violin concerto’s you will find. Still, it presents quite some fun challenges for the advancing violinist. If not only learning your first violin pieces of this length!

➠ Link to sheet music: Kuchler – Concertino Opus 11

2. Rieding – Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.35

All my students LOVE playing this concerto. Therefore it rightfully earns the #2 spot on this list!

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➠ Link to sheet music: Rieding – Concerto Opus 35

3. Rieding – Concertino in D Major, op. 36

This playful concertino from Rieding is just what you need if you’re having a bad day! This concertino from Rieding is a little less famous than his other ones, but isn’t less fun to play.
The complete concerto is written in first position. This makes it an great choice for any violinist that would like to start playing concerto’s.

➠ Link to sheet music: Rieding – Concerto Opus 36

Intermediate Violin Concerto’s in First & Third Position

4. Millies – Mozart Style Concertino

Do you love Mozart, but do you still need to practice a little more for the “real deal”? Then you will love the Mozart Style Concerto from Millies Hans. Just be sure to practice your spiccato bowing well – this piece is full of spiccato notes! Great for any violinists who would love to practice spiccato and learn a fun violin concerto.

➠ Link to sheet music: Millies – Concerto Mozart Style

5. Küchler – Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 15

Do you love to listen to the Four Seasons? Then look no further. This Vivaldi-style concerto from Küchler is a great place to get started! Featuring both the first and the third position, you will need some skill in third position to start practicing the concerto.

➠ Link to sheet music: Küchler – Concerto Opus 15

6. Rieding – Violin Concertino Op.21

Concertino Op. 21 is a fun piece written in a Hungarian Style. The piece features useful techniques, such as fast fingering, harmonics, 3rd position and even a start in fifth position!
Rieding is among the most popular composers for intermediate players. The amount of violin teachers having his pieces as a part of their curriculum only reflects his popularity!

➠ Link to sheet music: Rieding – Concerto Opus 21

Intermediate Violin Concerto’s in Higher Positions

7. Seitz – Violin Concerto in G minor, Op.12

This violin concerto is quite a bit more challenging than our last one! Still, it gets a second place on this list. Not only for the reason, that I love playing this concerto myself!
Seitz composed many beautiful concerto’s for Intermediate Players. Other concerto’s that you might enjoy are his:
D Major Violin Concerto – Opus 2
D Major Violin Concerto – Opus 7
G Major Violin Concerto – Opus 13
D Major Violin Concerto – Opus 15
G major Violin Concerto – Opus 31
D minor Violin Concerto – Op.32
A major Violin Concerto – Op.51

➠ Link to sheet music: Seitz – Concerto Opus 12

8. Accolay – Violin Concerto in A Minor

With this piece, I have a kind of love-hate relationship. I half-practiced it as a child and never learned how to play it, so I always ended up frustrated. Only listening to it always reminds me of the frustration!
If you take this concerto serious from the start, it is a beautiful concerto to play. Featuring both soft pieces and intense dynamics with fast runs, it’s a very diverse piece!

➠ Link to sheet music: Accolay Violin Concerto

9. Bach – Violin Concerto in A Minor

Every violinist wants to play a violin concerto from one of the big composers one day. And Bach, does definitely fall into that category.
Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor is a great violin concerto for any intermediate player. Just be sure to not play the violin concerto as fast as the violinist in the video above! You could easily go half the speed – and it will still sound amazing.

➠ Link to sheet music: Bach – Concerto in A Minor

10. Mozart, Wolfgang A. – Third Violin Concerto KV216 (Movement 1)

I think we can all agree that Mozart is a composer we’d all love to play a concerto of! This beautiful concerto from Mozart is a great place to get started. It features notes up until the sixth position.
Just be sure leave out the “Cadenza” of the piece if you don’t want to end up frustrated. Although, if you seriously want to challenge yourself…there is no harm in trying!

➠ Link to sheet music: Mozart – Concerto KV 216

I am planning to update this year with more intermediate violin concerto’s – are you interested in receiving the pieces & sheet music of the updated version? Make sure to subscribe to my e-mail newsletter here.

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Number 1. I am so glad I can already play it. I am looking forward to playing the other 9. Thank you so much for this. You are so organised !

Julia, I just playing a year. Taken lessons twice a week. Am I ready for this type of playing?

Hi Julia. Just thinking with my guitar hat on….you know how there are so many videos about learning licks, etc, maybe we could tweak that idea: how about Masterclasses where we explore how to play a few measures of some of these concertos? We could definitely learn a lot from how to go about “breaking down” a piece of music. On that, your choice of “8. Accolay”, there seem to be a lot of notation that would warrant study in a Masterclass, even without playing it! Only other thing was, 😱 No Beethoven 😭…. Is there only Ode To Joy,… Read more »

This was the thing I was looking for!

I was thinking just the other day where I could find a list of easier concertos to start trying to play and here you are posting one. Thank you so much! Very enjoyable.