how long does it take to learn the violin

Whether you have seen a beautiful violin concert or want to pick-up a fun hobby on the side – something about learning the violin got you curious!

But, how long does it actually take to learn the violin? And what does it all involve?

While I’d love to tell you that you can learn to play beautifully in a few weeks, it’s unfortunately not the case! Violin playing asks for dedication and a lot of practice.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can not have fun from day 1! You will notice that playing the instrument is a great feeling – even if you can just play one simple tune.

And if you’re enjoying your practice sessions for a few years, you might just end up playing very beautifully!

The best way to explain what your progress could look like if you commit to learning the violin, is by showing you examples of pieces that you’d be able to play at certain stages in your development.

That’s why I created a video, in which I play the pieces you could learn to play in each timeframe.

Remember, that everyone is different! Some might have more musical experience than others and will learn faster, while others started playing music completely from scratch and might take longer.

However, if you need a little longer, don’t be discouraged! Learning the violin beautifully is more about consistent practice than it is about pure talent.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what your progress could look like if you’ll commit to practicing about 45 minutes a day:

The example pieces that I showed in the video were:

  • Mozart – Menuett K.105
  • Minuet – Boccherini
  • Romantic Piece No 1 Opus 75 – A. Dvorak
  • Gigue from Sonata in D Minor – Veracini
  • Violin Concerto No.3 in G major, K.216 – Mozart

Key Take-aways

  • Learning the violin is an endless journey – there will always be something new to learn!
  • You can expect to take about one year to play your first classical piece
  • If you practice the violin consistently & commit to playing for several years, you can achieve to play more complicated pieces on the violin, as demonstrated in the video.
  • The key to learning to play the violin is finding a practice routine that you get to enjoy – as long as you are enjoying yourself, learning will come automatically!

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