Gratis Course: Beginner Bootcamp

10 Days ・6 Videos ・12 Exercises


Gratis Course

Violin 10 Day Bootcamp

What would you do if you could save yourself perfectly in playing the violin tomorrow?

Discover our 4-part video course to master beginners violin in no time.

What Participants Are Saying

  • I love the way Julia explains how to play the violin! She is very precise and entertaining!

    Mike Kidd Avatar
    Mike Kidd
    9 months ago

    Hi Julia

    Your bootcamp materials are extremely good for beginners.

    Also read your personal experience in your music journey and it was truly inspiring !!

    I will be sharing my experiences soon to correct basics.

    Achyut Babu Avatar
    Achyut Babu
    1 year ago

    I’m relearning violin after a decade of not playing and have found these lessons to be the most helpful I’ve found so far. Thank you!

    Quincy Anne Avatar
    Quincy Anne
    1 year ago
  • I am 54 and have always loved the sound of the violin and only ever dreamed of being able to play, but now thanks to this great person I can and am learning the violin. Thank you.

    Angus Fish Avatar
    Angus Fish
    2 years ago

    Violinspiration is a great place to learn Violin.
    Julia is a great Online Violin teacher!

    BenandKat Carlen Avatar
    BenandKat Carlen
    1 year ago

    Awesome teacher!
    I am beginner and her videos and books are so useful
    Thanks a lot, Julia

    Amr Nabil Avatar
    Amr Nabil
    1 year ago
  • Julia's violin teaches me songs and how to and inspires me keep on playing and don't give up

    Matthew Caballero Avatar
    Matthew Caballero
    11 months ago

    She is awesome! Gives you practical steps to help you practice!

    Melinda Hargett Avatar
    Melinda Hargett
    1 year ago

    Hi all Julia is one Of the best violin tutor on line very simple explain always touching the Beginners problems .
    She can solve it with simple way . Good luck Julia and thank you for everything you offered

    Ehab Atalla Avatar
    Ehab Atalla
    10 months ago

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