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The Most Common Violin Bow Holds

February 17, 2023
Discover what the different violin bow holds are! How you hold the bow while playing the violin is truly important. It can make a surprisingly big difference between sharp and smooth sounds, professional or beginner sounds. There are various violin bow holds that violinists and fiddlers use, and it is something that has been evolving [...]

What’s the Hardest Violin Piece? 5 of the Most Difficult Pieces for Violin

January 14, 2023
Have you ever wondered what the hardest violin piece is? No matter what levels we play at, it's fun to watch the professionals play things we've never even dreamed of. As violin virtuosity has grown, professional violinists and composers have tested the limits and created music that's so technically demanding that it's almost unfathomable! Throughout [...]

10 Violin Finger Exercises for Beginners – Give Your Playing a Boost!

January 14, 2023
Today I'm sharing with you violin finger exercises for beginners to help strengthen your muscles and improve your progress, even as a beginner. If you've just recently started learning to play the violin, you might think your hands are too stiff. They may not move fast enough, or in the right ways. The violin exercises [...]