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​I share articles that are all about what I’ve learned over the last 19 years of learning the violin. Along with pretty awesome violinists who stop by and share their thoughts in the comments. Check out any of the links below for insights and tips on learning the violin online.

The Fourth Position on the Violin – Easy Guide

January 17, 2022
The fourth violin position is a valuable tool when playing scales and orchestral repertoire. The third position may already feel so high up that you don’t want to think about anything that is even higher. Certainly the fourth position has some difficulty and it’s not for beginners, but by mastering it, you have another valuable [...]

What Is the Range of a Violin – Q&A

January 11, 2022
“Range” in music, when talking about an instrument’s or a voice’s range, is the distance from the lowest to the highest note. In short, how many notes and at what pitch an instrument can play. If you think of the string instruments from the violin family as a choir, the violin would be the soprano as [...]

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