Thousand Years - Christina Perri - Violin Lesson

Level: Beginner

Skills: Low 1st Finger – Half Position, Low 2nd Finger, Low 4th Finger, Slurs, Legato

My arrangement of Thousand Years for the violin is in the key of B♭ Major. To play the song with more ease, I recommend you practice the B♭ Major scale and arpeggio first. You can download it below!

Due to copyrights, I’m not able to make this sheet music available for free. Would you like to practice with my free sheet music instead? Click here to check out all available tutorials with free sheet music.

Thousand Years - Christina Perri - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Bb Major Scales & Arpeggios

B♭ Major Scales, Arpeggios
and a Bonus Exercise


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