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My goal with this website is to help YOU to learn to play the violin. Whether that's with books, video lessons or personal support!


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​I share articles that are all about what I’ve learned over the last 5 years of teaching the violin online. Along with pretty awesome people who stop by and share their thoughts in the comments. Check out any of the links below for insights and tips on learning the violin online.

What I Find Most Helpful as an Absolute Beginner – Part II

May 14, 2021
This article is written by Gregory, member of Julia’s Violin Academy Last time I wrote about several items that I have found to be most helpful to me as I continue my journey learning to play the violin at  Julia’s Violin Academy (JVA). To recap, previously I discussed how practicing regularly, developing meaningful practice plans, [...]

Why Is Playing the Violin so Hard?

May 12, 2021
Playing the violin is not easy. Violinists have to make their fingers do all sorts of weird movements and hold their instrument in a way that feels unnatural. Many people practice for years to move past the basics. It's no wonder so many people say it is one of the most difficult instruments of all! [...]

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