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What is the Appoggiatura? | Violin Ornaments

November 25, 2021
The word appoggiatura comes from the Italian 'appoggiare' which means 'to lean'. It is a form of ornamentation, a small note in front of the principal note, sometimes called a 'grace note', that is played before the principal note. Sometimes there is more than one grace note. There are two types of grace notes, one [...]

Top 12 Most Beautiful Duets for Violin and Cello

November 23, 2021
Learn what beautiful pieces can be played by a violin and cello duet. Among the instruments in theΒ violin family, the violin and cello are the most well-known and have the most repertoire available. The violin is perfect for playing the main melodies and has a clear, high-pitched and loud sound that stands out. The cello, [...]

The 12 Best Christmas Songs to Play on Violin

November 10, 2021
With the holidays coming up so soon, now is the perfect time to learn easy violin Christmas music. I've chosen 12 Christmas songs that are jolly, full of Christmas spirit, and will impress your family and neighbors. They are arrangements meant for beginners but maintain many of the traditional elements of the tunes so others [...]

Top 17 Film Composers and the World of Film Music

November 6, 2021
Learn who are the most famous film composers of all time! When you watch a movie, you hear the music that creates the atmosphere and adds an interesting background to the plot, highlighting the most important scenes. This is one topic that many movie-lovers often don't realize, that each film is enhanced by the music [...]