This is where I share my best violin learning tips, so you can learn to play your favourite songs beautifully.
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How to Get a Good Tone on the Violin

June 23, 2022
Having a good tone on the violin might seem very challenging at first and it does take some time to improve it. The good news is that you can do a lot to change your violin sound for the better! There are a number of possible reasons for a not-so-good tone or even a scratchy [...]

The Essential Violin Exercises for Smooth Shifting

April 28, 2022
In this article, I’m sharing with you essential violin shifting exercises that will help you learn and master the shifting technique. Here you can download a free booklet with shifting exercises and below, you will find a detailed explanation of each exercise: FREE Shifting Exercises Improve Your Shifting Technique DOWNLOAD PDF If you’re new to [...]

10 Renowned Classical Period Composers

March 30, 2022
Are you curious to learn who are the most famous Classical period composers? Read on to find out! The Classical era is the most well-known music period, giving us the works of some of the most famous composers. A large part of the pieces that you play in music academies today was composed during that [...]