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What Is the History of the Violin?

September 22, 2021
The history of the violin is quite extensive, dating back centuries. The musical instrument can trace its lineage through various traditions all over the world, from Asian ravanahatha, rebab, rebec, and morin khuur, via vielle, lira and viola da braccio to a baroque and modern violin with inventions like an electric violin. Many different stringed [...]

The 15 Top Violin Duets Ordered by Level

September 18, 2021
Playing violin duets with other musicians is a fun way to practice chamber music skills! Making music with friends can be very rewarding, and builds important listening and communication skills. Practicing alone can feel lonely and isolating, and music is always more fun with other people. Find a violin friend and play duets together! Today’s [...]

How to Practice the Violin to Bring the Best Out of You

September 15, 2021
Learn how practicing the violin can be done effectively. For players of any instrument, effective practice has many components. From the structure of your practice through techniques, identifying problems, to what state of mind you’re in. We all know that playing the violin is a complex and difficult pursuit. Which is also what makes it [...]

Violin vs Guitar: What’s Easier to Learn?

September 8, 2021
A comparison between the violin and the guitar and which one is easier to learn. I know that many of my regular readers are currently playing the violin, but are thinking about picking up another instrument besides their main hobby. Next to the piano, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments for violinists [...]