Violin Teacher


Content Creation

Julia’s Violin Academy is an online violin school that provides both free and paid violin education to violinists worldwide. You can find out more about us at and

We are looking for violin teachers who are interested in collaborating to develop engaging, step-by-step video courses covering a range of techniques, musical pieces, and styles.

If you are interested in this, keep reading!

  • You are an experienced violin teacher
  • You have an expertise in a certain playing style (celtic folk, classical, jazz, etc)
  • You know how to make a great step-by-step lesson plan about a topic of your choice
  • You are good at presenting [for instance, violin workshops], maybe you even have experience presenting on camera
  • Plus, it would be great if you can also lead live, interactive violin workshops on Zoom with our students.

NOTE: Our recording studio is situated in Ede (The Netherlands), close to the Ede-Wageningen station. Your physical presence at the studio is required for video recording sessions.