Effective as of: July, 4 2019

We at try our best to bring you the best possible services we offer. We hope you enjoy our online teaching classes! Our goals are to offer you an easy and enjoyable learning experience with our online platform. Our classes are made bearing in mind that the studying demographics might differ, and we are excited to see new beginners from every age group!

This Return and refund policy will explain the meaning of our guarantees and promises in regards to our digital products. This policy will further guide you in the return and refund process, provided that such is needed.

1. Products and Services we offer to you

  1. Violinspiration offers you a wide array of digital products and services designed to help you master playing this amazing instrument. We offer you an array of levels, from beginners to advanced players.
  2. Our digital products are video lessons which are made customized, in accordance to the request of each individual customer, taking into account an individual’s instrument skill levels. With our custom packages you will receive three video lessons in order to master the songs of your request! We also offer digital products in the form of e-books and sheet music. All of our products and services are to be delivered directly to your provided email address.
  3. Prior to purchasing any product(s) or service(s) throughout our website, please make sure to read all of these specifications prior to making your decision.
  4. Upon purchasing a Digital Product, you will be prompted to the secure payment gateway requiring your billing information. The processing of this information will be in accordance to our Privacy Policy at all times. Please note that the price presented to you upon checkout is the final and definite price, regardless of the price made in our website’s offer. The sum used for purchase shall be deducted from your account throughout the billing information you have provided. Provided that we could not withdraw funds from your account for whichever reason, the purchase shall be rendered as unsuccessful.

2. Limitations in regards to the performance of your device

  1. Some settings, including your monitor settings, operating system or compatibility issues may vary from device to device. The video lessons are recorded in HD resolution that will be sent to the email address designated by you. For full compliance of your device’s capabilities, please check your device compatibility. Any issues or limitations of this nature will not be considered as grounds for a refund of your payment.
  2. Violinspiration will take no responsibility for the incorrect color or texture choice due to the performance or personal settings of buyers’ displays, but will offer a return or exchange in case it had displayed incorrect specifications on the Website tied to your product. No further liability is to be expressly or implicitly taken by Violinspiration.

3.Delivery of your products

  1. Our products are (presented directly on the website or sent in a certain format) to your email address. After the purchase of your selected custom tutorial(s), sheet music or selected ebook, one or more links (depending on your specific order) will be sent to your email containing the lesson files. Please note that the purchase of a lesson or specific set of lessons shall be subject to individual use. Our Lessons are protected under copyright and any distribution, hosting or sharing for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our prior written consent is not allowed. Upon purchasing any set of products and/or services with Violinspiration, all sales shall be considered final with no cancellations on any orders further being possible. Buyers have the right to Returns and Refunds in accordance with the appropriate sections of this Policy.

4. Returns and Substitutions

  1. Eligibility for Returns – The Service shall accept returns of products, provided that the products are or have: (a) Been wrongly sent to your email address, or (b) A lesson is missing or not corresponding to the described lesson set that you were purchasing or the lessons have not arrived to your email within (how many) hours. All orders may be refunded by requesting a refund via our customer support email at:, in which you will state the reason for your refund request. Please be polite with our customer support staff, as they are available for you to resolve any issues you may have with the delivery.
  2. Upon submitting your request for a: (a) wrongly sent set of lessons to your email address, or (b) Missing or non-corresponding lessons sent or not sent to your email address, you may opt to request for the missing lessons to be sent to you. In this case, our customer support team will assess your individual situation and send you your missing lessons.
  3. Products which fill the criteria for a Refund may be exchanged with: (a) the same product in another shipment delivered to the Buyer, (b) other Products in another shipment delivered to the Buyer, or the Buyer may request a Refund. The chosen method of exchange of the Buyer shall be stated in the Return Request sent to the Service.

5. Money back guarantee

  1. Some of our products enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee, without the need of providing us for the cause of your refund. Upon delivery of these products and a timely refund request made on your behalf, the price will be sent back to your account from your provided billing method.

6. Refund

  1. The Service shall refund all orders, which have fulfilled the criteria for a Refund as per Subsection 6 b) of this Policy. If you have paid using a credit/debit card, a refund/exchange will be processed at the till point. If you have chosen another method of payment, the Website may approve of a refund in cases as specified in our refund policy. The transaction will be reversed via your original payment method, or your order can be exchanged and resent back out to you.
  2. Provided that you have received substitution in the cases in which we have:
    – Wrongly sent product(s) or service(s) than the ones you have ordered to your email address, or
    – You have not received ordered product(s) or service(s) or the product(s) or service(s) are non-corresponding

No further refunds shall be applicable in your cases.

  1. The Service shall Refund the full nominal value of the Order as of the day of placing the order by the Buyer in a manner consistent with Subsection 7 a) of this Policy.

7. Defaults by parties

  1. A Party to this agreement shall be considered in default with providing payments if: (a) the Party, whose payment is due did not balance the payment after 3 days of such due date, or (b) the Party, whose payment is due did not provide any payment information and has begun with receiving Product(s) or Service(s) from the Service, or whose payment was rejected by the Party’s respective payment processor. For the purposes of this document, a “Payment Processor” is a bank or other financial institution handling the payment on the Party’s behalf.
  2. The Parties agree that they shall pay all due amounts towards the Service within 3 days of notification by the Service, that a certain payment is due. The Service does not exclude bringing up civil or other claims in front of appropriate institutions under applicable law. However, the Party in default shall be informed about the possible consequences of not providing payment in time.
  3. The Parties agree that all payments in default shall be subject to monthly interest rates of (how much) % for each calendar month of default as of the due date of payment by the Party.
  4. The Service shall do its best to contact and inform any Party in default with possible consequences of defaulting in their payment. In cases of any doubts as to the applicable due dates or the measures taken into consideration by the Service, please contact the Service at the Service’s Customer Support email

Return and Refund Request

  • I hereby understand that without viable proof of damage or faults of the products, the Service cannot issue any rights Buyers may have under the Return, Refund and Shipment Policy. I hereby understand that the Service cannot take no responsibility for the incorrect color or texture choice due to the performance or personal settings of my own display. I hereby understand and agree that the Service cannot be held responsible for any of my uninformed decisions. I hereby understand that I have the right to a Return, Refund or Exchange of the Product if the Product fills the Return Criteria as stated in the Return, Refund and Shipment Policy. If you have any questions concerning the Return and Refund policy, please contact the Service at support(at)