Here you will find all supplies you need to create your very own violin themed escape room at home.

An escape room is a game in which one or more players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in a room. The goal of the game is to solve a specific puzzle in a limited amount of time.

The goal of this specific escape game is to find out who stole Paganini’s Stradivarius violin. The game is designed for adult musicians.

To solve this game you need a combination of logical thinking & music theory knowledge!

There needs to be at least one musician on the team in order to solve all the puzzles.

I played this game with my family and they loved it! I hope you will have as much fun as we did.


How to set up this escape game

One person is the game leader and needs to set up the game. The game leader cannot play the game him/herself, as they will know where all clues got hidden.

The game leader needs to follow the following action steps:

1. Print the PDF game

Click here to download print the PDF Escape Game – Violin Mystery

Make sure to print the document with color. If you don’t have a color printer, have a look at “Alternative Game #4

2. Create a space where you can play the game.

The best would be a room (or a part of a room) where there is not a lot of stuff, but still a few hiding places.

Remove everything from the space that is not part of the game.

If something can not get removed, for instance, a drawer full of things, you can put a sticker with a red “X” on that drawer. Before the game starts, you tell the players that they can not open any drawers with red “X”es.

diy escape game violin learning

diy escape game violin learning

3. Put the first letter on the table / desk where the game gets played 

The letter on the first page of the PDF game, needs to be the first thing that the participants see if they enter a room.

diy escape room musician letter

4. Cut the rest of the PDF file on the cutting lines

diy escape room instructions

5. Cut each of the 3 yellow pieces (Bach, Mendelssohn, Berlioz) in 6 random parts

The player needs to puzzle all parts back together.

DIY escape game materials

6. Hide every clue in the room.

Put up two sheets in plain sight:

  • The note reading puzzle (upper half of page 5)
  • The “note names exercise” (page 7)

Put the rest of the cutted sheets somewhere in the room – either by hiding them (under a carpet, in a cupboard, under the table, etc.).

7. Put on the music (for instance, on a laptop or computer)

Play the following piece on the VLC player (or any other player that allows to “repeat” a song).

Put the following piece on repeat:

Click here to download the violin piece to put on repeat

During the complete game, the player of the game should hear this piece on repeat.

8. Open a browser with these two web-pages:

Escape Game Rules

Before the game starts, tell the players the following rules:

  1.  You can not search for clues in areas with the x-marks (where you put the stickers with x-es). If you only touch those areas, it will explode and it means sure death.
    If there are any other areas where the participants can not walk or search, please let your participants know at this point.
  2. You can not open ANY other webpages / programs on the computer. You can only watch the two webpages above.
  3. You have 90 minutes to solve the game. If you don’t solve it in 90 minutes, you lost.

In case you play alternative version 1, you will have only one webpage.

Alternative DIY Escape Games

Alternative Version #1: Offline alternative to a webpage (more interesting!)

As an alternative to the “secret-system” page, you can also use a 3-digit bike lock to lock any sort of container.

A few container ideas are: a toilet bag, a chest, tool kit, sack).

In the container, you put the “Version with a 3-Digit Lock” sheet music on page 9. Be sure to cut out the instruction text above.

Alternative Version #2: for beginner musicians or non-musicians.

Do you play this escape game without any musicians?

– Instead of the “advanced note reading puzzle” on page 5, use the beginner note reading puzzle on page 8.

– Under the “Note Reading Exercise”, put up an extra sheet with all the notes (second printable on page 8)

– On the pieces, write the following extra information with a pen.

Bach – Chaconne for Solo Violin

Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto for Violin & Orchestra

Berlioz – Harold en Italie – Concerto for Viola & Orchestra

Alternative Version #3: Clue to a hiding place

I hid one of the puzzles behind a picture frame.

As I expected the players wouldn’t been able to find that clue without any help, I added an extra “map” that leads to the clue.

I drew the design of the picture frames on the wall on a sheet of paper. I marked the picture where the clue was hidden with an “X”. Then I threw the sheet of paper under the desk, covering up as “rubbish”.

DIY escape room

Alternative Version #4: Drawings by hand (or without a color printer)

The game can get even more mysterious if texts and sheets are written by hands.

Be sure to use the correct colors displayed in the PDF document.

  • The note reading puzzle needs to be red
  • The “sudoku” puzzle needs to be green
  • The “composers” puzzle needs to be yellow

Also, the three “round tokens” (as displayed on page 1) need to be red, green and yellow with the correct numbers displayed on them.

You can also use different colors, as long as you replace the color of each object with that color.

For instance, if you change the color of the “composers” to orange, you will need to change every yellow text into an orange text – and the yellow round token into an orange token.

You can also handwrite the first message (of Paganini) for an extra mysterious effect.

Solving this Escape Room

Are you ready to watch the solution? I will post a video to find the solution to the puzzle next week.

Did you find my post useful?


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sounds super nice! very curious for the solution tho!

Just wondering where the solution is to the game. Cannot find the video

very very interesting!! yah! i am also too curios for the solution. I hope you guess will share the solution soon.