Violin Lesson - How to Play Double Stops on Violin - Beginner’s Guide - Free Sheet Music

A double stop is when we play two notes at the same time. Double stops are used in fiddling, classical music, and various other genres. This technique will equip you with a new skill no matter what genre of music you play!

Practice double stops on your violin with me and let me know in the comments below how it is going so I can cheer you on! 👏🏻

Level: Improver

Would you like to get to know my 8 tips for mastering double stops? Click here and check them out in my blog post.

Or, are you curious about all the various intervals (distances between the notes) we can play as double stops on the violin and how they sound? Then click here and find out!

Free Violin Double Stops Charts

Violin Double Stops
Charts and Exercises

Free Sheet Music


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