Violin Case Buying Guide

Choosing a violin case is always a personal matter, and as such, it is never completely objective. Even the choices I made here were influenced by my personal preferences, though I have taken into consideration opinions from students, and amateur and professional musicians, people who use these cases regularly, and in the descriptions I aim to be as objective as possible. I hope that after reading this post you will know which questions to answer before buying and which features to look for in violin cases.

My Top 4 Violin Cases

These are the 4 violin cases that I would directly buy if I were to start playing the violin from scratch again.

I selected one case for its great price-quality ratio, one case that is simply the best quality you can find – and one case that is most practical for traveling with your instrument. The fourth one is simply beautiful.

For all the details of every violin case I picked, please check out the full guide below!

1. Best Affordable Violin Case

Violin Case - Roth & Junius RJVC inside

Roth & Junius RJVC

2. Highest Quality Violin Case

Violin Case - Musafia Aeternum inside

Musafia Aeternum

3. Best Travel Case

Violin Case - bam 2003XLW Cabin inside

bam 2003XLW Cabin

4. Most Beautiful Violin Case

Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Venezia inside

Gewa Liuteria Venezia

Violin Cases by Shape

The shape generally determines storage capacity. There are roughly speaking three categories of shapes: oblong cases, half-moon, and overhead. Cases for more than one instrument create a fourth category.

While most cases will fit most violins, it is important to make sure your instrument fits into the case you’re buying. The case being a bit too big is not an issue, as you can always add some extra padding by the bottom end of the violin, like a soft scarf or cloth, but if it is is too small you have a problem.

1. Rectangle or Oblong Violin Cases

These cases have plenty of space for the violin itself, often up to four bows, though sometimes just two, a pocket to put your sheet music, sometimes attached on the outside, especially if it is a carbon fiber or ABS plastic case. Inside there is often a small pocket or compartment for smaller accessories such as rosin, mute, pencils, rubber, and occasionally you can even fit a metronome.

Your shoulder rest can be tucked in at the side of the neck, and some of them have extra straps to hold it in place there.

Violin Case - Shoulder Rest place

1. Gewa Air

Violin Case - Gewa Air
Violin Case - Gewa Air inside

Starting Price: £449 / $587 / €419
Materials: Outer – Thermoplastic Shell, Inner – Black velour
External Dimensions: 80 x 27.5 x 15 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Security: Really strong case, Combination Lock, plus zip for external pocket
Suspension: Yes


+ Excellent protection against pressure, shocks, and heat
+ Spacious inside with various compartments and straps
+ Looks great, comes in plenty of colors
+ Combination lock gives good security, closes well
+ Good value for money


– Will get scratched
– External pocket for sheet music is clumsy, snap fasteners are hard to work

Overall this is a fantastic case, it ticks most of the boxes we would want. Light weight, amazing looks, spacious inside, space for sheet music and extra items, space for shoulder rest, which is held in place by two Velcro straps. The violin neck is also secured by a Velcro strap. The inner compartment is detachable, closed by a zip, and is quite large. It also attaches itself to the inner lining by Velcro.

The case has two combination locks, which makes it secure and the closing mechanism works smoothly. All models have a handle in the middle of the long side, and certain models have an extra one on the end as well. It can hold up to four bows and has a string tube.

The Thermoplastic Shell cover is heat resistant, it will protect your violin from extreme heat in the sun or cold weather. It is also superbly strong, and has a padded suspension system, offering a great level of protection, which is one of the most important aspects of a violin case.

The exterior comes in a variety of colors, while the inside is black velour. It even has two neoprene back straps so you don’t have to carry it in your hand. If you prefer a contoured shape, it also comes in that, and they are just as good.

Do not confuse it with the Gewa Pure, which is much cheaper, but lacks many of the best aspects of the Gewa Air. It is not a bad case, just not as good as the Air.

For the more demanding, there is also a higher version in the Air product line called Gewa Air Prestige.

Violin Case - Gewa Air inside

Gewa Air 2.1 Violincase

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2. Gewa Liuteria Venezia

Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Venezia
Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Venezia inside

Price: £328 / $379 / €389
Materials: Thermo Shell, water repellent cover in black fabric
External Dimensions: 79 x 28 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Security: Excellent
Suspension: Yes


+ Secure and safe
+ Looks great inside, yet quiet exterior
+ Inbuilt hygrometer
+ Spacious inside with three compartments plus a sheet music pocket
+ Very good value for money


– The leather handle can deteriorate after a few years of use
– You may not like the color

Yes, another Gewa, and there is a reason for this. They are simply really good violin cases. This particular one is an unassuming black on the outside, yet has an artistic, ocean dark blue and patterned plush velvet interior. If you are really not into all this brightness, you can have a look at a very similar Gewa Maestro (there are both: oblong or violin-shaped, with a black+blue/burgundy/green interior), which I am using for 15 years now and it withstood the test of time.

I wanted to include some more traditional cases, as well as high-tech ones, as some people genuinely prefer them and they stay looking good for longer.

This violin case is a little heavier, but the sheet music pocket is more comfortable to use, and it comes with a hygrometer embedded in the case. Inside there are three compartments, one larger at the base of the violin and two small ones on either side of the neck. They are integrated into the case so you can’t take them out, but this can actually be easier to use.

The protective soft cover inside is attached to the case, so there is no way you are going to lose it. It can hold up to four bows and has two detachable neoprene back straps.

The cover is water repellent, attaches with some screws, and the case is closed with zips. In the middle, there is a Swiss lock, plus an extra flap with snap fasteners. All this will keep your violin secure and safe.

It has a string tube, tucked away between the bow holders. It also has a leather handle, which could deteriorate after a few years of use, depending on how much you carry it in your hand.

Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Venezia inside

Gewa Liuteria Venezia Violin Case

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3. Roth & Junius RJVC

Violin Case - Roth & Junius RJVC
Violin Case - Roth & Junius RJVC inside

Price: £77 / $99 / €91
Materials: Smooth brown fabric cover, inside velour plush
External Dimensions: 80 x 27 x 15 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Security: Sturdy construction, cover zips around the case plus there is a latch and a key lock
Suspension: Yes


+ Excellent value for money, and a lot cheaper in absolute terms
+ Plenty of space inside, two compartments plus sheet music pocket
+ Elegant look
+ Inbuilt hygrometer
+ Sturdy construction


– Much heavier at 3 kilos
– Not as strong as some of the others

Here I picked a case that was much cheaper than the previous two, for those on a smaller budget. It is still a pretty good violin case, maybe not as funky looking with its more classical style, though some might prefer that. It has plenty of space inside with two compartments, one at the bottom as usual and one by the neck of the violin. It offers space for up to four bows and has a string tube. Surprisingly at this low cost, it comes with a built-in hygrometer, has two back straps and two handles, one on the side and one at the top. This latter one is only a fabric strap though, not a full handle.

It is quite a bit heavier than the previous two cases, made in a traditional way, but for normal use, it is a fine case.

Violin Case - Roth & Junius RJVC inside

Roth & Junius RJVC Violin Case

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4. Musafia Aeternum

Violin Case - Musafia Aeternum
Violin Case - Musafia Aeternum inside

Price: £1099 / $1259 / €1090
Materials: Shell: 6-plywood laminate, Inner: plush, silk velvet and suede-like royale
External Dimensions: 80 x 24.5 x 13 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Security: Sekur double locks
Suspension: Yes – 4 points, plus impact damping and reinforced base


+ Excellent quality
+ Luxurious look and feel
+ Superb impact protection


– Very expensive

So many people love this brand that I had to include one of them, despite the cost, which is most likely prohibitive for many. These cases are at the top end, in both quality, and feel. They come with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier, two backpack carrying straps, two inner compartments, a built-in external music pocket, an inner cover, and a string tube. The back straps can also be used as a shoulder strap.

Inside it is lined with a plush blue silk velvet fabric and rust-colored suede strips, and the black exterior has decorative strips made from cherry burl wood. A beautiful case indeed.

Fun fact: Are you wondering if there is a more expensive violin case than Musafia Aeternum? It is a custom-made Musafia violin case with a cost of almost $4000!

Violin Case - Musafia Aeternum inside

Musafia Aeternum BK/BL Violin Case

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More Violin Cases

Other much-liked cases that I would like to mention here are Timms, a small business, who makes only custom violin and viola cases (best is to contact them via email, and Negri, both on the high end of the market, or for a lot less money Bobelock, which can be ordered ready-made.

2. Half-Moon or Contoured Violin Cases

Half-moon or contoured violin cases are much smaller on the inside, there is no space for sheet music and you won’t have space for more than two bows. They do tend to have a pocket for smaller items though. Your shoulder rest should still fit into these cases. They are also most likely made of more high-tech materials.

1. bam 2000XLW

Violin Case - bam 2000XLW
Violin Case - bam 2000XLW inside

Price: £304 / $348 / €359
Materials: ABS
External Dimensions: 82 x 29 x 15 cm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Security: Outstanding protection, combination locks, screw locked carabiner hooks on all straps
Suspension: Yes


+ Super lightweight
+ Excellent protection, water tight
+ Small external size
+ Secure combination lock that closes well


– May not fit a larger shoulder rest
– Noisy end handle
– Will get scratched

This case is one of the lightest ones on the market. It is small and easy to carry, comes with two back straps and two handles. The handle at the pointy end can become a nuisance, however, as it makes a lot of noise when carried any other way.

Inside it can fit two bows only, and you’ll be hard-pressed to put your shoulder rest in it, though some have managed. The one large compartment inside at the base of the body is all you get, this will carry your rosin, pencils, and such. These types of cases don’t usually have a sheet music pocket.

It is a stylish, good-looking case, that comes in various colors, offers reasonable weather protection, both straps and the noisy handle are removable, and the straps are adjustable.

If carried like a backpack it is as if you were not even carrying anything. It will also be more likely allowed as cabin luggage, though this all depends on the airline.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider one of the M-Case products. The overall look is extremely similar to bam’s products for a much lower price. Downside: the weight is 3.6 kg.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for that kind of a case with an even more exquisite look, you may want to check the bam L`Etoile case.

Violin Case - bam 2000XLW inside

bam 2000XLW Violin Case

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2. Jakob Winter JW 52017

Violin Case - Jakob Winter JW 52017
Violin Case - Jakob Winter JW 52017 inside

Price: £103 / $115 / €119
Materials: Outer: renewable natural fibers, Lining: 100% cotton velvet
External Dimensions: 80.5 x 28 x 13.8 cm
Weight: 1.65kg
Security: Two latches, shock absorbent, water repellent cover
Suspension: Yes


+ Lightweight
+ Excellent value
+ Variety of colors


– Not lockable
– One small compartment
– No space for sheet music

This is a good case if you’re on a small budget. It does have space for the shoulder rest in the gap at the bottom, however, the one small compartment is tiny, you’ll be hard-pressed to fit almost anything in it. The case comes with two straps for being carried like a backpack, and given it is the lightest case so far, it is excellent for this.

The case is made from renewable materials, part of Jacob Winter’s Greenline collection. It can hold two bows, though some people find that the space inside is too small for one of them to fit without pressing on the instrument. One reviewer even mentioned having to remove the bow holder itself.

Also, if you plan to leave your violin anywhere, you might consider a case that can be locked properly.

Violin Case - Jakob Winter JW 52017 inside

Jakob Winter JW 52017 Violin Case

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3. Overhead Violin Cases

Overhead case is an extra small case, definitely no space for a bow or music. On occasion, it will have a tiny compartment for small accessories. People get these cases when they need to travel on airlines that don’t allow a regular size violin case as carry-on luggage.

1. bam 2003XLW Cabin

Violin Case - bam 2003XLW Cabin
Violin Case - bam 2003XLW Cabin inside

Price: £313 / $385 / €369
Materials: ABS
External dimensions: 63 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight: 1.2kg
Security: Combination locks, straps
Suspension: Yes


+ Smallest size for cabin
+ Lightweight
+ Good value


– No space for shoulder rest or music
– Bulky shoulder straps
– Bow goes in detachable bow tube

This is clearly mainly designed to accommodate airline requirements. The bow needs to go in a separate bow case, which can be attached to the main case. This bow case is not very strong. Bam sells a bow tube that’s stronger.

The back straps are not very comfortable, they feel too big, bulky, and cumbersome, but they are detachable and can be easily replaced if you want. Or you may not even need them.

For air travel, this is one of the best violin cases I have come across. Generally, you can get on a plane with a regular violin case, they might argue at the gate but if you insist and under no circumstances let them take your violin into the luggage hold area, you will be allowed on. Unfortunately, while in principle the airline may allow you to take one violin case as cabin luggage, the people working at the gate are not trained to know this and will dispute the size of a regular violin case.

Violin Case - bam 2003XLW Cabin inside

bam 2003XLW Cabin Violin Case

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2. Trinity Travel Set Model 2

Violin Case - Trinity Travel Set Model 2
Violin Case - Trinity Travel Set Model 2 inside

Price: €412+ Accessories as required
Materials: Hyper modern composite made of carbon and glass fibers
External Dimensions: 62 cm long
Weight: 1.05kg + accessories
Security: Aluminum bubble foil for extra heat protection, click-lock closing mechanism with attachable T-Bar Kensington lock
Suspension: Elastic pillows


+ Fits cabin size case
+ Very light
+ Very strong
+ Customizable


– Ordering is complicated
– There is a wait time

The body is made of ‘layers of carbon and glass fibers, reinforced with a polyester core, are impregnated with resins in a laborious, highly technological process, done entirely by hand.’ To show how robust it in fact is, the producer recorded a video of a car driving over the case:

This case comes with two neoprene back straps, a pouch inside for small items like rosin and pencils, and an attachable external pocket for sheet music. You can buy a soft cabin suitcase that the violin case fits inside perfectly, allowing you to add other travel items. Alternatively, you can buy a long soft case that fits this plus two bow cases. In any case, you will need to carry your bows separately, as there is obviously no space for them inside.

If you decide to get one of these, you can place your order on their website – If you do buy one, please leave a comment below on how you like it.

3. DO Violin Flight Case

Violin Case - DO Violin Flight Case
Violin Case - DO Violin Flight Case inside

Price: €83
Materials: Nylon exterior, Velvet inside
External Dimensions: 64.3 x 15.5 x 30 cm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Security: Zips, buttons and buttons on handle. Not lockable
Suspension: Yes


+ Excellent price
+ Small enough for cabin
+ Lightweight
+ Good basic case


– Not lockable
– Slightly longer than cabin requirements

This case is a good quality budget case, compact in size and lightweight. Comes in two colors, blue and red, and has two elongated zip pouches attached to the back and one small compartment inside for carrying smaller items. Between the outer pockets is the removable external bow case. Two padded backpack straps allow you to carry it easily.

You can buy it from The prices are in Euro, but the vendor ships internationally.

4. Double Instrument Cases

These are specialized cases for people who need to carry either a violin and a viola, or two violins. It is easier to do this with one case than carrying two, and there are several brands available on the market.

1. Gewa Liuteria Maestro Violin&Viola

Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Maestro Violin&Viola
Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Maestro Violin&Viola inside

Price: £292 / $338 / €394
Materials: Wood core, Blue velvet plush lining
Internal Dimensions: Adjustable for 36.0 – 42.5 cm body length
Weight: 4.8 kg
Security: Key lock, zip cover round the case
Suspension: Yes


+ Good protection
+ Plenty of space inside
+ Adjustable to different instrument sizes


– Looks like a large box
– Quite heavy

Overall this is a great case for two instruments, I especially like that the inside can be adjusted for a violin between 36.0 – 42.5 cm body length. It has two small internal compartments plus an exterior zip pocket, which is waterproof. It will carry four bows.

The blue velvet interior lining hugs your instrument inside the padded interior. It comes with padded back straps, a swiss lock, an inbuilt hygrometer, a string tube, and a place for four bows.

It’s on the heavy side, but the additional comfort makes up for that.

Violin Case - Gewa Liuteria Maestro Violin&Viola inside

Gewa Liuteria Maestro Violin&Viola Case

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2. bam 2005SN Violin Double Case

Violin Case - bam 2005SN Violin Double Case
Violin Case - bam 2005SN Violin Double Case inside

Price: £195 / $222 / €229
Materials: Wood core, Blue velvet plush lining
External Dimensions: 81 x 33 x 19 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg
Security: Two straps, zip cover round the case
Suspension: Yes


+ Good protection
+ Reasonably light
+ Good temperature protection


– Looks like a large box
– No lock

On the lighter side for a double case, this carries two violins and four bows. Has only a small extra space inside, but the sheet music pocket is quite large. It comes with detachable backpack straps, a string tube, water repellent cover, and the compressed foam inside creates shock absorption and temperature control.

Violin Case - bam 2005SN Violin Double Case inside

bam 2005SN Violin Double Case

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3. Other Multi-Instrument Cases

If you need a double violin case for a standard violin and a slim electric one, you can look for a nice solution from Oliver Bergner ETUIBAU, who offers also custom cases.

Violin Case - Doppeletui e-Violine 2

A case for four violins? No problem, you can get one that is produced by the Maple Leaf Strings company. You can get it from Fiddlershop for a very reasonable price.

Violin Case - Maple Leaf Strings Quad Violin Case

What You Want From a Violin Case

What is the best violin case for you depends on what you need, so I recommend you answer the following questions:

  • Do you plan to commute or travel a lot with your instrument?
  • What climate do you live in?
  • Do you want it to look funky or stylish?

Ideally, we would all want a lightweight case, that offers good protection, is durable, looks good, is cheap, has a place for sheet music, a place for your bows, shoulder rest, and for other smaller objects like rosin, mute, pencils, etc.

Unfortunately, some of these factors are in direct opposition to others. For example, the smaller the case, the less you can put into it. Cases that are bigger on the inside than the outside have not been invented yet. Also, generally speaking, the lighter a case, the less protection it offers. This is not strictly speaking true anymore, as high-tech materials are lighter than more traditional ones. I will discuss this in more detail later on.

Ultimately it will be up to you to weigh the importance of each factor and decide what matters to you most. There is no one best violin case, what’s best for you may not be for someone else.

Let’s have a closer look at which features of the violin cases we should pay attention to.

Violin Case Materials

The material used for making a case will affect its weight, durability, and overall look and feel.

Traditionally violin cases were made of plywood, which was covered in a sturdy canvas. The case was then lined with a variety of fabrics, from velvet to felt to satin. Modern cases made of high-tech materials have foam padding and the interior is often a polyester mix, fabric, velvet, or plush, or sometimes cotton or silk velvet.

violin case materials

ABS plastic is also used to make violin cases as it is light, has proven in bulletproof vests, car bumpers, and power tool housings. Until recently Lego bricks were also made of ABS.

Other materials used are flax, fiberglass, polycarbonate, or other composites.

Violin cases also contain smaller parts like zips or latches, also for back straps, that can be made from plastic or metal. It’s worth choosing those made from metal because they will last longer.


The weight of the case is clearly determined by what it is made of. Cases made of wood are heavier, and high-tech violin cases will be much lighter. When buying a lightweight case, check which type of material it is made of as some are excellent in offering protection, while others, such as foam, are not so much.

Longevity, Construction, Sturdiness, Protection

Some violin cases will protect your instrument even if a car was to drive over them. Some of them will crumble if you sit on them. Just how sturdy a case is and how well it will protect your violin you will need to check out for each case you consider buying.

All cases should keep the scroll away from the back of the case, kind of hanging in the air, so the neck doesn’t break off if the case bumps into something. Many cases, especially the modern ones have foam padding that holds the violin and protects it from minor shocks. Some other violin cases have a specialist suspension system. There are different approaches to suspension systems but they all have in common holding the violin above the bottom of the case and not letting it touch the cover of the case (usually by the use of a small cushion-like block inside the lid).

From the practical point of view, you will find cases closed with a zip or with latches. In my case, the zip broke once, so if I were to buy a new case, I’d check cases closed with latches.

Look and Feel

The most modern and stylish cases are made of ABS and colored in a variety of bright colors and artistic patterns that look so lovely. However, in everyday use, they get bumped a lot and end up with streaks and scratches. This makes them look a bit tatty after a while. This process is slower in the case of traditional, fabric-covered cases, that can stay looking great for years, although, the more exposed the fabric is, the lighter the color will be and some stains may appear.

Having said that, I still like how some of the high-tech cases look and personally prefer them to the older styles.


This can vary a great deal, and it is only relatively true that the more you pay, the better case you get. There are quite a lot of great cases that are reasonably priced and I’m showing you a few in this post.

Extra Features

These include the plastic tube for spare strings, a thermometer, a hygrometer that measures the humidity level in the case, a humidifier, extra straps, combination locks, various suspension systems, zip bags for music, a Velcro strap to hold the neck of the violin in place, (as opposed to the strips of leather or string to tie it in some cases), weather protection, against heat, cold and rain, extra decorations and lining fabrics, all these and more are things you may want to have or find it not required in your case.


How Do I Choose a Violin Case?

To choose a violin case consider what you need in terms of the shape, size, and construction of the case. How heavy is still OK? How sturdy does it need to be? Does it need to protect your instrument against cold or hot weather? Do you want extra features like a hygrometer or a humidifier to come with the case, or would you like to buy them separately? Do you want it to look a certain way? And finally, what is your budget?

Once you have an idea about these points, you can look around and check cases against your list.

What Violin Cases Do Professionals Use?

Professionals use the top four brands: Gewa, Bam, Musafia, and Negri. The first two are priced mid-range to low and can be afforded by most amateur players, while the latter two are more expensive. Also if you’re looking for a high-tech case, you will need to look in the first two brands, as Musafia and Negri make only traditional cases.

What to Look For in a Violin Case?

In a violin case, you should look for specific features according to your individual needs, however, in general, there are some things we all prefer: lightweight case, good protection for our instrument, something that lasts, pockets for additional accessories, bows, sheet music, pencils, rubber, metronome, all within our budget.

Create a list of things that matter to you, what is vital and what is less important, and check out the recommendations above.

What Is the Tube in a Violin Case For?

The tube in a violin case is for holding a spare set of strings. Normally strings come curled into a circle, which you need to unfurl and thread into the tube. Some people buy pre-stretched straight strings, and this is a place to store those.

What kind of violin case do you have? Would you change it to one of the cases mentioned in this article? Please comment below. I always love hearing from you!

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