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Download your favorite violin practice chart and start practicing right away!

Today I have three helpful violin practice charts for you to organize, log, and review your practice.

A practice chart is a small spreadsheet of the exercises and pieces you’re working on, along with dates. You can check off the days that you practice each piece of music and easily keep track of your goals.

violin practice chart - Free Practice Plans

Fillable Practice Plans [PDF]

3 charts in color and black & white


Benefits of Having an Organized Practice Routine

Having a practice routine will help you fit more practice time into your week, especially if you’re a busy person with a tight schedule. If you’d like to first learn more about creating a practice routine, read my article where I share how you can create a routine that fits into your lifestyle!

Using a practice chart goes hand in hand with having an organized practice routine. Having what you’re working on, what you’re doing well, and what you need some more work on all written down is so helpful to plan out your practice and know exactly what you need to work on each day. This informed, planned practice will help you advance at the tempo you want!

violin practice chart - Julia practicing

Blank Violin Practice Chart for Any Occasion

Let’s start with a basic practice chart that you can use for any occasion. This one-page chart can be customized to fit whatever techniques and repertoire you’re working on, through 14 different days.

The blank practice chart is great if you’re looking to track your assignments, your main goal/focus for 14 days, and to log what is and isn’t feeling good at the moment.

Download and print the free violin practice chart below:

violin practice chart - Free Practice Plan

How to use the blank practice chart

To use this practice chart, first download and either print or save it to a tablet/computer where you can digitally mark it up.

Fill in the first column with music and exercises you’d like to focus on over two weeks of practice. I would suggest writing down everything you’d like to work on, in the general order that you’d like to practice it in.

Before playing, think about what you’d really like to get better at. This is your goal. You can choose anything as small as “practice 5 minutes every other day” or as large as “learn the last page of my concerto.” This chart is for you and your unique goals!

When you work on a technique or a piece of music, check the box for that date to keep track of when you do and don’t practice different elements.

After each practice session, review what did go well and what could still be improved. It’s easy for us as learners to focus on the bad–it’s what we want to get better at, anyway! However, it’s also very important to take note of what’s going well and give yourself credit for the hard work you’re putting in. Balance the positives and the negatives!

Your observations will help determine what you should work on in your next practice session. What didn’t go well today can be your focus tomorrow, and what went well today might not need quite as much practice in the future. Moreover, the practice plan will help you track your assignments and review your progress over time.

Technique Violin Practice Chart

My next free practice chart is focused more on advancing specific techniques. Similar to the previous chart, there’s space for you to track what you’re practicing, and the days you practice it.

This chart has a list of different techniques you might want to focus on. Tick off as many or as few of these techniques as you’d like to pay special attention to during your week.

This list of techniques is just to get you started–there are also blanks where you can fill in any techniques you’d like to focus on that aren’t listed on the chart.

Download and print the Technique Practice Chart, and get started tracking your technical progress!

Weekly Violin Practice Plan - Technique

Practice Strategy Violin Practice Chart

The last practice chart I have for you today is focused on different practice strategies or ways you can practice to improve in many different areas.

This is possibly the most advanced chart I’m sharing because the best way to pick a practice strategy is based on what you need to work on. If you already know what you’d like to improve, then you can choose a practice strategy that will help you get there.

If you’re still figuring out what is going well and what needs adjustments in your playing, start with one of the first two charts, and then make your way to this one. You can, of course, also just try these practice strategies anyway, they’ll still help you progress on the violin!

Weekly Violin Practice Plan - Strategy

Quick links for you that will help with two of the strategies listed in the practice chart:

Download and print the Practice Strategy Chart and begin planning how you’d like to practice to achieve your goals

Final Note

I hope you’ve found a good violin practice chart to help meet your music goals! I find that by keeping a log of what I practice, when I practice, and how my practice is going, I’m able to advance a lot faster. Now, you can follow me in this process!

violin practice chart - Free Practice Plans

Fillable Practice Plans [PDF]

3 charts in color and black & white


Have you ever used a practice chart to track your progress? Which one of the three that I shared will you try? Please share in a comment below!

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