Do This To Learn Faster - Violin Lesson

Level: Suitable for All Levels

Description: Best practices for a quicker and constant improvement

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Awesome ❤️ your so ✅

Thank you Marilyn!


Thanks a lot for all your encouraging messages and videos. Happy New Year and God bless you

Thank you Raj, happy new year to you too!

You are so correct about focus. This area is lacking badly for me as we are in lockdown and with 6 kids this house is insane. My greatest difficulty is using my left hand for sure and starting off so late in life doesn’t help either. Keep up the encouraging words.

I am glad to hear you feel the same about focus Chris. It is not always easy to focus and some just have an easier “lifestyle” to learn the violin. I can imagine with 6 kids running around it is a challenge to focus on practice. By the way, many students that I taught were not able to consistently practice for 10 minutes a day. So if you would only do that, I think you would already be ahead of others. You might not improve as quickly as someone who practices 2-3 hours a day, but for learning to play… Read more »


Julia, i really like all your videos. I like it like you instead of talking you showing how it is done. Picture is worth 1000 words. That’s my moto.
But in this video I only hear talking how good is to teach. What is a better method. Or what is beneficial for students. Julia we don’t wanted to become teachers. We want to learn violin. Therefore I must put thumb down for this video.



Hi Bret, I am trying to understand what you mean. In the video I spoke about the 3 things I noticed students do who improve more quickly. As many people have asked me “how can I learn more quickly”. So that is why I answered the question in this video. One part of becoming better quicker is to have a proper method, instead of watching random videos. That is why I mentioned it. But the video was not geared to teachers, but for adult students of the violin who want to improve more quickly. Thank you by the way for… Read more »

online violin lessons - step-by-step

Thank you so much for this and all your video lessons Julia! You are truly awesome. I have learned so much from your classes. I am an older person who finally decided to get a violin and learn to play. It is very challenging but also fantastic. You are helping me to find the joy in the smallest steps and just keep moving forward. Each video has taught me so much. I am so glad I found your school. Many thanks Julia!!

Hi Victoria, you’re very welcome. I am so happy you found me as well. It is wonderful you are finding joy in the smallest accomplishments. Best of luck with your practicing!

Hi Julia, I liked you video. I do not have teacher now and I practice myself. I had a teacher for very short time. I really love to be good at playing violin. You talked about advantages to have a teacher. I want to add one thing that I have experienced with my teacher. In fact, having a teacher helped me a lot to be determined on practicing. I had to do my everyday practicing to be ready for the lecture. Now I would like to know how I can join your lectures or your academy. How does it work?… Read more »

Hi there. My academy is an online learning school. It is a 3 fold learning system You get a practice plan for your level with step by step tutorial videos. There is access to tons of sheet music and worksheets. You get get so send in videos of yourself 4 times a month to receive personal feedback. You get to join a community where there are monthly workshops, daily practice sprints with other members, and fun events. Our lessons start with the basics. Once completed, you can move to the Improver and Intermediate levels. I am always adding more content… Read more »

Julia, I find your videos most helpful for your practice strategies. Starting violin late in life I have no illusions about my ultimate competency but rather focus on those practice techniques to bring me closer to my goal, specifically to be able to play on the violin those tunes that I already can play with my long-term familiarity , the banjo and mandolin.

How lovely, Terry to be able to play your banjo and mandolin tunes on your violin. It sounds like so much fun!

I am in hyperfocus once I am practicing (I have A.D.D.) and I am hypercritical and while I seem to make a huge progress with my left hand, I still sound scratchy and I am frustrated at my problems with the bow hand. Obviously I am doing something wrong and I am not aware what it is and it frustrates me. I am already playing songs by heart, the tempo is right and I hit the pitch 95% of the time but the scratchy sound makes it seem like I do not make any progress at all, even though my… Read more »

Hi Elisa, I empathize with your bowing frustration. Have you tried video recording yourself while you play? You can analyze the video to see what you are doing wrong with your bowing by comparing it to a video where bowing is correct. Then you can work on making those adjustments. Good luck!

Hi Julia! Thank you so much for all your great emails and tips I have been a subscriber for a couple of months now and they are a great help. I am having so much trouble with short bows and moving my wrist and fingers when doing short bows that’s what I’m working on right now. And I totally agree with your third tip to have a teacher I saw a huge difference in my violin playing in the months I have been having regular classes. I am also super critical and it does feel like a curse most of… Read more »

You’re very welcome, Mahsa. I am so happy you find by videos helpful.

online violin lessons - step-by-step

I agree focus is very important. I try to focus on every aspect of playing. Firstly the fingers on the strings. Feeling the strings watching closely the position of my fingers. I may then look at where the strings touches the bow or my bow lengths. This focusing I find is best done playing slowly. I find if I am over or hyper critical I get frustrated, so I don’t beat myself up when I get something wrong as I’ve only been playing for 10 months. I have found the video most useful with plenty to think about. My goal… Read more »

Hi Christopher, Yes, it is a very good idea to find the balance between being self critical, without beating yourself up. I do hope you find it! Good luck practicing your intonation and I would to see you reach your goal!

Thanks for your recent video; look forward to working more with you on A more regular basis.

You’re very welcome, Tom.😀

I am forever amazed at your dedication to helping others learn to play the violin. At the present time I am one of those senior learners who has just given up on the hope to be a violin player. For sure you have dealt with such beginners and you still do I would suppose, but I have lost interest because it just looks too difficult for me. You are still a motivator and at times your enthusiasm is simply mind boggling! And, I will watch your videos just to see your excitement, but my violin will sit in the corner.… Read more »

Hi Rick, I do hope that one day you will find the motivation to pick up your violin again. Yes it is a difficult instrument, but it is not impossible. I encourage you to find that mustered seed of hope you have left and turn it into something huge! Just try for 1 minute a day to play just 1 note of a scale, and add two or three, until you can play the whole scale. I wish you the best of luck, Rick.

Hi Julia, Thank you for all your helpful video’s, you really are a great teacher with such spot on advice, My Confidence is always uplifted when I listen to your advice as I feel you are always true and right in what you say, Such great teachers are hard to find thank you Julia, 🎻 Sandra

That is so kind to say Sandra, thank you. It means a lot to me that my advice uplifts your confidence 😀

Focus! Now that’s what I need to do more of. So, I just started setting aside one hour for violin practice and crafts. Thank you for encouraging me to focus on that one hard note.

Yay! So happy to hear that the post was a little push to set aside time for yourself. Crafts sound fun too, you sound like a very creative person. Wishing you all the best, Lydia. 🙂

online violin lessons - step-by-step

I am new to the Violin but was in the Marching and Concert Band while I was in school; I have also been playing the six string and Bass guitars for years but have never achieved the level of proficiency that I have always craved. I don’t expect to ever be great at the Violin but I have al-always enjoyed music and the challenge of learning a new instrument and song(s). I am currently learning to play “Greensleeves”( I had downloaded It from your web site). When I was playing Trumpet in the Band it was always one of my… Read more »

Good luck learning “Greensleeves”, Gregory. I really enjoy that piece myself!

Hej Julia 🙂 That was interesting and inspiring, thank you! I think nowadays I’m a medium to slow learner. I might have been a bit quicker at the beginning, but after having achieved some skills I plateaud at that level… And I often struggled at practicing consistently. I would find a strategy that would make me practice quite often but then I would lose that strategy or the strategy would lose its power over me and its appeal. Then I would be back to practicing “only when I feel like it”. AND BECAUSE I CAN BE QUITE CRITICAL of me… Read more »

Now I notice that involuntary I said something untrue:
I don’t aim to practice each day EVERY day.
On Sundays and special celebration days (like Christmas) I usually decide spontaneously whether I want to play some songs or not…

Your last comment is very funny, Gea. Thank you for your honesty!🤩
I am so happy to know you learned you were on the right track. Happy practicing.

Hello Julia, First thank you for sending me that video. I have been playing for eleven-month I think I’m a fast learner but someday’s while practicing I get depressed, after eleven months I still touch strings on string crossings. And yes I am critical of myself. I have a teacher once a week my lesson is half hr. I learn good technique and how to read music. Yes, one of these people that are in a hurry to play very well so I joined your school for more information love all the beginner’s songs I feel I’m doing well. I… Read more »

I will certainly keep sending out helpful tips and incites to encourage those who love the violin as much as I do. And want to continue to learn. I am so happy you look forward to them.

I love to hear the way you described how to play I am a new student. and love you so much❤.

Thank you, Roy.😀

Hi Julia,

I find it much easier to learn slowly at first and work my way up. I may not login often to the Academy but I have printed all the exercise levels that I have reached and work from there 🙂

That sounds like a great plan, Rob. I hope your practice is coming along. Have a great day Rob!

online violin lessons - step-by-step

The thing is that’s in practice other instruments too but it’s true being focus is the main thing plus I have to buy another violiN cuz the one I got Is very cheap and it doesn’t sound very good either I got

Yes, learning several instruments can split your focus a bit. That is understandable. Best of luck learning them. Good luck finding your new violin!

Dear Madam,

Your video is inspiring and informative. But I beleive in slow & stesdy pattern of learning as I can afford only one hour daily in the morning. Howecer I have noted your advice with due importance.
with best regards & expectations

Thank you Chattikkal. Good luck with your practice!

I just love you. I am a pianist, woodwind player teaching instrumental music and orchestra. You have taught me so much that I share with my students. I’ve been teaching beginning orchestra for almost 20 years…You are an excellent presenter and your videos are such a blessing. Thank you Julia!

Wow. Thank you, Terry. That is quite humbling to hear. I wish you best of luck teaching your students!

Hi Julia:
Excellent tips! And the best for me is to accept that it takes
time and joy is important. I’m an adult working on violin
for about 18 months-my first instrument. I’m hypercritical (yikes!).
Thanks so much!

Oh I’m in NYC, USA and enjoy your accent and enthusiasm!
Thanks so much and Happy 2021!

lol😂.. My accent. I bet I would enjoy your NYC accent as well. I am happy you find my tips helpful. I wish you the best of luck putting them into action.

I agree that Focus in particular is really important
for learning the violin or any other instrument.
In general to focus on what you want in life
brings good rewards.
Thank You Julia.

You are correct indeed, Jennifer! 😀

online violin lessons - step-by-step

one of my strings popped off when i was tuning my violin

Hi everyone , as a dyslexic person every aspect of learning has been very difficult, so I didn’t expect learning the violin to be easy .No i never thought of quitting I just think I have the rest of my life to learn the beautiful violin , I have been picking up the violin every day for 1and half years , yes frustrating 🥴 just take a deep breathe and relax and the tension will go , happy violin 🎻

your videos are helpful Im a slow learner at my age but the violin is my heart along with my grandchildren. Thank you..