Almost every musician owns a sheet music stand, but not that many own a violin holder or stand. Violin stands are popular among those who prefer to keep their instruments out during the day, put it down for a little while writing notes, switch between instruments quickly, such as in a gig, or simply want to show off their instruments. I hope this article will give you some ideas on how to display your violin and have it at hand at all times.

violin holder - violin shop

My Top 3 Violin Stands and Holders

Here are the top three stands and holders. One is a wall mount holder that I personally use. I like how minimalistic it is. Next one is best in case you need a foldable stand that you can take with you wherever you go. The third one is a high quality product that eliminates the risk that your precious instrument could accidentally fall.

Best Wall-Mount Holder

violin holder - Hardwood Violin Hanger with Bow Holder

Hardwood Violin Hanger

Best Portable Violin Stand

violin holder - Guitar and Violin Folding Stand

Violin Folding Stand

Highest Quality Violin Stand

violin holder - Paititi Premium Violin Wood Stand

Paititi Premium Wood Stand

Below you will find more details about these products, plus a few more, including a DIY option!

Benefits of Using Violin Stands and Holders

Stands are often those that sit on the ground, cabinet, or a shelf, while a violin holder is often mounted on the wall or to a music stand. They can be great additions because they eliminate the risk of accidental damage when you leave your violin on the bed or floor. Other reasons musicians opt to purchase one is to better control the humidity around the violin, spend less time taking it out from a case and putting it away, and incentive themselves to practice more by seeing it. Violin stands and holders can be extremely convenient, but you need to make sure they are sturdy. If they tip over or your violin falls from their hanger, your instrument might get easily damaged.

My recommendation is to use a stand or holder between and during active practice as it will be motivating! I would put the violin in its case if you plan a break in your daily practice for an extended period of time, such as if you are going on a vacation. The violin case is the best place to keep the instrument safe from overexposure of light, potential items falling on your instrument, dust accumulating on the violin, insects flying onto it, or the violin itself falling.

Overall, violin holders and stands can be great accessories and a nice gift to a violinist.

What Will Be a Perfect Violin Holder for You?

There are many different hangers and stands. When you are looking for one, you should decide on some aspects, such as:

  • would you like the one that is portable or screwed into one location?
  • where is the most convenient place for you to keep it?
  • do you have any preference for materials?
  • do you want to share the stand with other instruments like guitar or ukulele?
  • how much money do you want to spend?
  • do you have any preference in terms of how it looks?
  • how likely are you to bump into it and cause an accident?

10 Best Violin Holders and Stands

Below are my reviews of violin hangers and stands. Moreover, I include one easy DIY option.

Hardwood Violin Hanger with Bow Holder

This is the holder I’m using and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a wall-mounted violin holder.


  • solid wood
  • beautiful design
  • space-saving and sturdy
  • holds the bow
  • includes silicone padding to protect the instrument
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • need to make sure the wall is free of damage from water, cracks, is sturdy, and doesn’t get very hot or cold

Price: $9.99

String Swing Violin Hanger

This String Swing Violin Hanger is mounted onto the wall as a previous option but has a simpler design.


  • easy to install
  • minimalist design
  • holds the bow
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • need to make sure the wall is free of damage from water, cracks, is sturdy, and doesn’t get very hot or cold

Price: $13.49

String Swing Music Stand Instrument Hanger

This instrument holder can be attached to various music stands. Be careful, it should only be used with a very sturdy music stand.


  • easy to install because does not require drilling a wall
  • cheaper than a floor stand


  • risky solution as it is supported only by the lip of the music stand and secured only with a thumbscrew

Price: $12.49

There is also a different version of this String Swing hanger that you can attach to a microphone stand or a music stand. Check it out here.

Gewa Violin Stand BSX

This is a nice, small but very stable stand that I used to have. You can put it on a cupboard, piano, etc. It has stood the test of time – it still serves well after 15 years.


  • it’s heavy, so there’s no risk of wobbling or tipping over
  • it’s discrete
  • very affordable


  • the base support is not adjustable

Price: $13.60

Eastar EST-006 Violin Stand

This violin/viola stand is great for practicing when you want to put your instrument down for a few minutes or for gigs if you are switching instruments. It is great as the heights can adjust to properly position and balance the violin.


  • easy to assemble
  • adjustable
  • lightweight
  • has a bow holder as well
  • much closer to the ground and less likely to fall a great distance
  • has adjustable support and a safety bar to secure the neck
  • can leave your shoulder rest attached


  • the legs do not lock into place for extra stability
  • if you have children or pets, they might knock it over so ensure that it is in a safe place and that it is assembled correctly
  • expensive


Guitar and Violin Folding Stand

This guitar and violin stand is super small and portable, as it is able to fold up. You can take this in your instrument case or in a bag to a lesson, class, or gig.


  • extremely lightweight (<1 lb/416g)
  • won’t break easily
  • super portable
  • easy to set up
  • comes with a carrying bag
  • available in many color choices
  • can use for many instruments


  • legs are difficult to set up
  • no neck support, only base support
  • no bow holder
  • expensive

Price: $39.22

K&M Violin Stand

This compact, interesting-looking stand is great for multi-instruments, as it can fit also a mandolin or a ukulele.


  • the wood is elegant and allows you to show off your violin more
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • affordable
  • small
  • perfect for at-home use


  • no neck support (only base support),
  • not adjustable,
  • not as sturdy as other options

Price: $21.99

Zither Solid Wood Violin Stand

This beautifully handcrafted wood stand is 31” from top to bottom and fits full-sized violins. It comes in many wood colors and is extremely elegant.


  • includes a bow holder
  • great neck support
  • timeless design
  • individually hand-crafted
  • requires very little assemblage
  • even includes a lemon oil for maintenance


  • very expensive
  • no base support
  • the violin is far from the ground – in case of falling
  • there’s a higher risk of a damage

Price: $149.99

Paititi Premium Violin Wood Stand

This beautiful burgundy solid wood stand is more of what you will see in a violin shop if they want to display a particular instrument.


  • protects and secures the violin by offering a cushioned cradle
  • nice finish on the wood
  • includes a bow holder
  • comes with beautiful velvet on the inside


  • cannot see part of the violin so if you are looking to display your instrument, this may not be the one for you
  • expensive

Price: $59.99

DIY Violin Hanger

Yes, you can do your own violin hanger! Below is the instruction for making the most simple DIY violin hanger.

violin holder - vintage wall violin hanger

What You Will Need

  1. A nail, screw with an expansion plug, or a dowel – choose based on the type of wall on which you’ll be mounting it.
  2. A hammer or driller.
  3. A rope or cord – ca. 45 cm or 18 in.

How to Make Your Own Hanger

  1. Depending on the type of wall, drive a nail or drill a hole and insert a dowel or the screw with an expansion plug.
  2. Make sure that the nail, screw, or dowel won’t move or fall out.
  3. Make a loop out of the rope and tie it around pegs and the scroll as shown in the picture below. Bravo, your violin is ready to be hanged!
  4. Next to that, you can add a hook for the bow.
violin holder - diy wall bow hook


Do you need a violin stand?

The short answer is no, it is not an absolute necessity, however, some violinists opt to purchase one. A violin stand or holder can be a great addition to your violin set-up, especially for those who like to keep their violins out during practice breaks. Stands are often foldable which makes them easy to transport, so they will work well if you plan to move practice set-ups, while holders are great for your specific practice area. Stands are also super convenient if you are playing a gig and want to leave the violin on the stage for a little bit. When you use a stand or holder, you can admire your beautiful instrument, but it also has an additional advantage: it will remind you about practicing!

Can I hang a violin on the wall?

Yes, you can hang your violin on the wall using a holder. However, you need to be sure that the hanger is well-mounted and it’s on a well-insulated wall which doesn’t get very hot or cold.

The violin will hang from a height that is easy for you to pick up and leave. So it’s a long way to fall if not properly mounted.

How do you hang a violin?

If you are planning to hang a violin on a wall-mounted holder, ensure that the screws are securely attached to the wall. Some holders even come with plastic toggles to make the screws more secure if you aren’t anchoring them into the wall. Then, figure out where the violin goes based on where your holder or stand has tubing. Many wall-mounted or stand-mounted holders support the violin from the neck, resting under the pegs.

Where is your violin when you’re not practicing: in the violin case, it hangs on a wall mount, or you put it on a stand? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to know!

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