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Are you looking for some easy violin songs to play?

A big challenge that people face when they want to learn how to play the violin is that many beautiful sounding songs are too difficult! Others are really easy but sound very beginner-ish, like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.

But there is no need to fret – there are many songs that are both easy to play AND loved by many! In this article I’ll be sharing with you 25 easy songs that almost all my students love learning on the violin.

These songs are perfect for beginners who would like to give a small concert to friends and family. The additional benefit of learning the songs is that you will also learn many new violin techniques while working on them.

I’ve organized all of the violin music covered in this list by genre, so it is easy to find the violin songs that are right for you!

Let’s get started!

Occasional Violin Songs

1. Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” is a Christian hymn authored by English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725-1807). With its iconic opening verse “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!”, it has been recorded many times over the years by a wide range of singers from diverse genres.

This timeless hymn of salvation is one of the most recognizable Christian songs in the world. It has been translated into more than 200 languages and is used in both traditional and contemporary worship. Played at weddings, funerals, and before a sporting event, it’s said that Amazing Grace has the power to confer dignity at times of extreme vulnerability.

Amazing Grace was also one of the first violin songs I created an easy arrangement for when I started this blog back in 2015!

The video below features me playing the arrangement of the song in full. Listen to it by clicking the play button. You can also check out my blog post, in which I teach you how to learn this song of hope and grace on your violin!

Free Violin Sheet Music - Amazing Grace

Free Violin Sheet Music

Amazing Grace


2. Happy Birthday

Everyone wants a special song to wish their loved one a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday” is a globally recognized song, and it’s also one of the most popular songs in the world.

With this easy arrangement for a violin solo, you can play this song on your violin in no time!

If you want to wish someone a happy birthday in person or through an online video message, this is the perfect gift. Play this lovely song for a loved one and make their day special!

How to play Happy Birthday, Free Violin Sheet Music [PDF]

Free Violin Sheet Music

Happy Birthday


3. Jingle Bells

You can’t start too early with preparing your Christmas songs! “Jingle Bells” is a well-known Christmas song in many countries around the world.

You can learn this song with this easy violin tutorial:

Jingle Bells - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Free Violin Sheet Music

Jingle Bells


Pop Music Violin Songs

4. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

The song is sung from the point of view of someone who has had a great loss and tries to find peace regardless. Cohen reflects upon his own hardships, sharing that “even though it all went wrong, I’ll stand before the Lord of Song, with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah.”

The song is seen by many as a masterpiece and is one of the most performed songs of all time. “Hallelujah” has been used in film and television soundtracks and has been sung at funerals, religious services, political events, and even weddings. It’s the go-to karaoke song for many people around the world.

Learn to play Hallelujah on the violin with this easy song tutorial or check out my blog post about it!

Hallelujah - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

5. Despacito

The song “Despacito” has grown to become one of the most popular songs of this era.

The song was originally released in January of 2017, and the music video for it became the most-watched YouTube video of all time. It has had over 5 billion views on YouTube.

Even though the verses of the song are pretty challenging, you can easily learn the chorus of Despacito with this easy violin tutorial:

Despacito - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

6. La Vie en Rose

The French song “La Vie en Rose” is one of the most recognizable love songs of all time. It is about the way you look at the world when you are in love.

Whether you’re playing at an anniversary, wedding, or birthday, this song is perfect to make your event unforgettable.

Learn to play this beautiful song on the violin in this easy tutorial:

7. Faded – Alan Walker

So many of my students love playing this song.

It is a little bit more challenging than most of the other songs mentioned on this page, as it features a few difficult rhythms. However, if you listened to the original song often, you will most likely quickly pick up the rhythms. It helps to imagine the words that are being sung in the original song to play the rhythm correctly.

Faded - Alan Walker - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Free Violin Sheet Music

Faded – Alan Walker


8. Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel

“Scarborough Fair” is a traditional English ballad that was made popular by Simon and Garfunkel in 1966.

It is a beautiful tune to play on the violin and is both loved by pop musicians and folk music lovers alike. Also, it was one of the first tutorials I ever created for this website, back when I started at 23 years old.

Free Violin Sheet Music - Scarborough Fair

Free Violin Sheet Music

Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel


Classical Violin Pieces

9. Ode to Joy

If you want to learn a classical piece, then you should definitely learn “Ode to Joy” on the violin. Ode to Joy is one of the easiest songs to pick up out of this list.

This is a great violin song to work on your basic fingering, making perfectly straight bow strokes, and getting familiar with simple rhythms.

Good luck!

Free Violin Sheet Music - Ode to Joy - Beethoven

Free Violin Sheet Music

Ode to Joy – Beethoven


10. Vivaldi – Spring

This song is a masterpiece created by one of the most well-known composers and violinists of all time, Antonio Vivaldi. It was written in 1723 when Vivaldi was in Venice, Italy.

This song has such an upbeat tempo and makes you feel happy and joyful when playing it! Learning this song on the violin is not only fun but it can also be educational as you will learn how to play light, quick bow strokes.

You can try out learning this song on your violin in my easy violin tutorial:

Free Violin Sheet Music - A. Vivaldi – Spring, easy version

Free Violin Sheet Music

Spring, mvmt. 1: Allegro by A. Vivaldi


11. Songs from the Suzuki Books

If you love to play classical music, I also highly recommend for you to check out the Suzuki books. The books feature a lot of beautiful classical pieces for beginners.

For more classical music pieces, you can also check out the article “FREE Violin Sheet Music for All Levels” (with free PDF downloads). In this article, I share free sheet music of a lot of well-known and beautiful classical pieces.

Film Music Violin Songs

This category became pretty long – but rightfully so! A lot of beautiful violin music is featured in films – and of many of these songs I have created easy versions for you to play. Check out some of the film music below to find a song that you would like to learn!

12. Harry Potter Theme Music

The Harry Potter books have been loved by many and I am no exception. Ever since I read the first book at age 11, I knew that this book would be one of my favorites.

What is it that makes Harry Potter so lovable? Is it the magic? The characters? The world J.K. Rowling created? Or is it the beautiful film music in the movies?

One of the first compositions written for the Harry Potter music was “Hedwig’s Theme.” This magical song is one of my favorite film music pieces.

I created an easy version of the Harry Potter song so that anyone can learn it! You can check out the full tutorial on the song “Hedwig’s Theme” below:

13. Lord of the Rings – In Dreams

The Lord of the Rings theme is one of the best-known film scores. It was composed by Howard Shore, a Canadian composer, and written for the film trilogy based on the novels, “The Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien.

If you play this song on the violin, your listeners will probably recognize it without knowing what it’s called!

It starts with slower, calmer notes, and later on features a quick and “happy” part. As the song also sounds very pretty on the violin, I recommend you to give it a try!

Violin Lesson - Lord of the Rings - In Dreams - Howard Shore - Violin Tutorial Sheet Music

Violin Sheet Music

In Dreams – Howard Shore

14. He’s a Pirate

When I was a kid, I learned to play the “He’s a Pirate” song on the violin with my local orchestra. I still remember how much everyone loved to play this!

He’s a Pirate is the theme song of the well-known movies “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The melody is very catchy with short and accented notes. This tune is popular with violin players, and it can be heard in many cover versions on YouTube.

Are you up for learning this song and creating a cover version yourself? You can get started with this easy violin tutorial:

15. My Heart Will Go On

“My Heart Will Go On” is often one of the first songs I teach when giving private violin lessons. It is a song everyone knows, and it is very easy to play on the violin.

In this song, you can practice making beautiful, soft, and straight bow strokes.

Violin Sheet Music My Heart Will Go On Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

My Heart Will Go On – James Horner

Violin Songs from Series

16. Game of Thrones: Main Theme

The “Game of Thrones” main theme features only a few notes and is very easy to learn by heart!

However, there is one crux: there is one very long note that needs to be sustained. This song is great for practicing a long, sustained bow stroke.

I have more tips for how to make that sound good in my easy violin tutorial about this song:

Game of Thrones - Main Theme - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Game of Thrones – Main Theme

17. Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere

One of my students once asked me if I could arrange an easy violin version for “Rains of Castamere” because he loved this song so much. When I heard this song myself, I also loved it immediately and agreed!

This Game of Thrones song is a little more difficult to play than the previous one I mentioned – so be sure to study that one first!

Look carefully at the bowings I show in the tutorial and try to replicate them – if you use the correct bowings, it is a lot easier to make this song sound good.

18. Sherlock Holmes Theme

This theme music is a little bit less well-known than the others, but I wanted to include it anyway as this series really has beautiful violin music in the theme.

Sherlock Holmes - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Sherlock Holmes Theme (BBC)

19. Bella Ciao

Oh, how I loved watching “Casa del Papel”. To be honest, I couldn’t stop watching, so one week of my life was basically devoted to watching this series.

Luckily for you, I quit watching the series now, so I can write these useful blog posts instead.

One of the songs that is featured in the series is an Italian folk song called “Bella Ciao”. You have to be careful playing this song in Italy though, as people have mixed feelings about this song. (I tried it and regretted it soon after!)

However, I think the melody of this song is really pretty – and many others who watched the series will love hearing this song.

Bella Ciao - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Free Violin Sheet Music

Bella Ciao


20. The Godfather

This is a very “spectacular” song, and many people will be impressed if you play this for them on the violin. Try it out yourself with this easy violin lesson!

The Godfather - Main Theme - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

The Godfather – Main Theme

Violin Songs from Musicals

21. Do Re Mi – The Sound of Music

“Do, a deer, a female deer…”

If there is one musical I absolutely loved as a child, it was “The Sound of Music”. I probably watched it over 100 times and I am not even exaggerating. It is also one of the reasons that I learned how to speak English, as I had no idea what the lyrics were about and wanted to learn them anyway.

One of the songs that is featured in The Sound of Music is “Do-Re-Mi”. It is sung as the children are learning how to sing.

Isn’t that the perfect song to practice when you are starting to learn to play the violin?

Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Do Re Mi from Sound of Music

22. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins

This is a really fun song from the Mary Poppins musical. It is great to play for others as many people know this tune from their childhood. However, be warned: you could get into some trouble trying to pronounce the song you just played!

You can get the sheet music by buying The Big Book of Disney Songs.

23. Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas

“Colors of the Wind” is a song from the Disney movie “Pocahontas”. It has a beautiful, soothing melody, and sounds very pretty on the violin.

You can get the sheet music by buying The Big Book of Disney Songs.

24. City of Stars – La La Land

Which musician didn’t like the musical “La La Land”? There were so many beautiful songs in this movie, and “City of Stars” is one of my favorites.

The song is also very short, so even beginners can learn it by heart without using any sheet music!

Game Music Songs

25. Zelda’s Lullaby

Of this category, I only have one song on my website for beginners. If you have ideas for any other game music songs that I should create an easy version for, please let me know in the comments!

Zelda is one of my favorite games of all time (Breath of the Wild anyone?), so it is no wonder that when this tutorial was requested, I immediately started making it!

This is the perfect song for my fellow game nerds who love the Zelda fantasy games!

Zelda's Lullaby - K. Kondo - Violin Sheet Music Tutorial

Violin Sheet Music

Zelda’s Lullaby

Click here and read my post “Legend of Zelda Violin Sheet Music for All Levels.”


I hope that in this list of 25 easy violin songs you found at least one song that you are excited about learning.

And if not, check out my full video lesson library in which I share hundreds of other easy violin songs that you can learn!

Please keep in mind that in the beginning, even these easy songs might seem difficult to play! However, with time and practice, I promise you will be able to master each one of them.

Which song are you currently learning? Please comment below!

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